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使命、愿景 & 值

情夫曼哈顿 is an 国际 学士学位 世界上学校 that delivers an academically rigorous program and sets high expectations for students from early childhood through 12th grade. Serving our local neighborhoods and a diverse international community, we prepare students with the knowledge, confidence and fluency they need to eng年龄 in a rapidly changing world.

Léman challenges students’ intellect and inspires their creativity. We encour年龄 them to think critically and work collaboratively. Celebrating each student’s individuality, we foster the skills they need to grow in mind, 身体和精神. Our unifying mission is to instill a positive outlook in each of our students and a certainty for all they can achieve in life.

情夫曼哈顿. Each student, future prepared.


The greatest lasting impact of a Léman education will be the achievement of our students and the contributions they make to their communities and to the world.

Preparing each student for a future filled with personal growth, fulfillment and success defines, unifies and inspires everyone and everything we do at 情夫曼哈顿.

Our core values are the essential and enduring tenets of our school community. These principles, reflected in the Portrait of a 情夫曼哈顿 Learner, guide all of our actions. At Léman, we firmly believe in the essential value of:

• Thinking critically and working collaboratively
• Achieving excellence through academic rigor
• Respecting diverse opinions and 文化s
• Fostering meaningful student-teacher-parent partnerships
• Addressing each student’s individual 学习风格
• Discovering passions and nurturing creativity
• Serving our local and global communities
• Encouraging independent thinking and decision-making
• Cultivating resiliency and determination
• Instilling confidence and optimism
• Growing in mind, 身体和精神
• Recognizing the importance of preparation for life

包容 Statement

情夫曼哈顿 Preparatory School is a community of diverse 文化s, 语言s and countries of origin, which draws unity through the acknowledgement and celebration of our differences. As a mosaic of individuals who believe everyone should feel safe and respected, we strive to facilitate opportunities for meaningful eng年龄ment with openness and empathy. This process of communication is integral to fostering a just and harmonious place of learning.

Ours is an inclusive school where students, 家庭, 护理人员, faculty and staff are supported equally and where each unique identity, 的声音, ideological viewpoint and experience is valued. We honor all members of our community, diverse in: ability, 年龄, 外观, 信仰体系, 公民身份, 文化, family structure, 性别, 性别认同, 语言, 学习风格, 国家的起源, 政治观点, 比赛, 宗教, sexual orientation, and socio-economic level and all other protected characteristics.

Committed to sustaining an environment free of harassment in any form, including bullying and discrimination, we maintain that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person. We emb比赛 this challenging, yet rewarding opportunity and understand that this is an evolving work which enriches our lives.

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