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视觉 & 表演艺术

Our Fine Arts program inspires each child to find an artistic voice. From woodworking in the Lower School to 陶瓷, digital music and film classes in the Upper School, the arts flourish at Léman. Through the study of Fine Arts in an internationally-minded school with access to the rich culture 纽约的 City, our students have a deeper understanding of the human experience and the greater world.

Whether in the classroom, 在演播室里, 或者在舞台上, 不朽情缘的艺术家, 音乐家, and actors are challenged to achieve their best work as they develop both artistic and life skills. With incomparable performance spaces across both campuses, our facilities reflect our dedication to foster children's creativity and sense of self-expression. Lower School performances take place in the historic Broad Street Ballroom, and our Upper School campus features a 400-seat theater as well as art studios and a band room that overlook the harbor and the Statue of Liberty to inspire our students.


Starting in Early Childhood, students build music literacy at Léman. Twice a week music education in PreK builds to our Signature Strings Program, a unique hybrid of general music and instrumental violin instruction for all K-3rd Grade students. In Elementary and Middle School, students participate in band or chorus, engaging their artistic sensitivity and honing their ensemble skills. 在高中, we offer a range of choral, instrumental and digital music electives to broaden students' exposure to more sophisticated repertoire and incorporate technology. 情夫音乐学院, our after-school private lesson program, partners students with world-class professionals affiliated with prestigious institutions such as Lincoln Center, 卡内基音乐厅, 百老汇, and New York City jazz clubs.


剧院 at Léman is designed to facilitate students' growth into caring and creative members of our community. Students of all levels of experience are challenged both as an ensemble and as individuals to become confident performers and to express themselves consciously and effectively. All students take theatre class throughout Middle School, which focuses on group collaboration, physical and vocal characterization, and specificity of situation and story. 在高中, students can select performance and nonperformance electives as well as opt for a deeper concentration in IB 剧院. Signature programs such as Léman Main Stage, 独幕剧, and Scene Night enhance students' artistic learning.


The Léman 视觉艺术 program is notable in its scope and focus. It encourages students to develop their technical skills, communicate the human experience, and advance their creativity and imagination. 视觉 arts offerings create an appreciation of the arts throughout the ages with projects that include drawing from life as well as photography, 绘画, 拼贴画, 陶瓷, 混合介质, 雕塑, printmaking and woodworking. Our unparalleled arts studio facilities support the role of visual arts in the Léman academic experience - to experiment, 解决问题, and communicate individual ideas and interpretations through self-expression.


Our 电影 offerings encourage students to develop personal expression and develop collaborative skills in their productions and analytical studies. The Léman film program also teaches students how to evaluate the use of sounds and images within their lives and build an understanding of how these elements are applied in contemporary culture. The program culminates with the IB 电影 course, where students explore all aspects of filmmaking, 包括电影史, 理论, 和生产. The annual Léman 电影 Festival inspires students to create original works and brings together an all-star line up of judges from the arts and entertainment industries to collaborate with our students.

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